Our Values…

Sunset in DavenportAt the 8 Shields Institute we celebrate our Gratitude for all the gifts of this planet.

We offer our deepest respect and honor to all the forms of our planet: animals, plants, stones, and waters.

We honor and celebrate all People ~ children, elders, ancestors and the generations to come.


The following Values drive our interactions personally, internally and with the populations we serve.

  • Facilitate Inclusiveness by welcoming and hearing the diverse voices of our human and natural communities
  • Strive for Accountability, Communication, Feedback, and clear Agreements
  • Care for our world by striving to leave it better than we found it, modeling Stewardship
  • Increase both inner and outer Awareness by undertaking and facilitating personal tracking ~ with transparency, with kindness, sensitivity, and forgiveness
  • Support Understanding through sharing and communicating the big picture in order to reach unity

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