What is the 8 Shields Model?

An Introduction:

By observing the patterns in nature, we can discover repeatable tendencies and pathflows.

When we map these tendencies, we arrive at a natural model with a flow and structure that can be applied in various learning scenarios, long-term mentoring, event facilitation, and many other diverse areas.

Each of the eight “shields” is associated with a cardinal direction, and represents a profile as robust as the natural patterns it is drawn from. Other layers of information and process are built on top of the core archetype of each shield.

Using the model as a guide, it becomes possible to map many of the phases and relationships occurring in nature, both on a grand scale, and also within the nuances of human learning and culture.

The result is a dynamic instructional toolkit for creating nature connection on both an individual and community level.

“The 8 Shields Model is a proprietary road-map applied to educational strategies, personal development, community building, organizational processes and more…”

We invite you to learn more from this video overview: