Embodying Nature Online Course with Jon Young & Josh Lane!

Embodying Nature: Transformative Practices to Unlock Your Full Potential & Unique Genius

A 3-part Online Course with Jon Young & Josh Lane


Stories of Awakening Our Creativity and Personal Power – Bird Language and the Quiet Mind


The 8 Shields of Awareness – Routines that Activate Our Unique Genius 


Ancient Tracking – Stories of Connection, Mentoring, and  the Power of Our Senses

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We all know someone that when we are with them, we feel a nurturing and powerful quality in their presence like that of an ancient tree or of the night sky filled with stars…

  • They  laugh and play with the happiness of a child, listen deeply and have invigorating electricity and vitality in their body.
  • They are quick to forgive and have a capacity to love that is rooted in a powerful belongingness with nature and all living things.
  • They are deeply empathic and connected to the animals and plants and people around them.
  • They feel a responsibility to mentor and tend to their community and uphold honesty in their relationships.
  • They can listen deeply with a quiet mind and they live each day as if it might be their last.
  • They go out of their way to help strangers and often are moved to tears with gratitude or love. It’s as if just being in their presence is healing.
  • These people humbly see our genius, brilliance and beauty, even if we can’t see it for ourselves.
  • They treat people as if they have a unique gift to offer the world that no one else has in the same way.
  • There is a certain reverence in their conduct with people, but also with the smallest of living things like spiders, ants, and even tiny flowers.


How do people like this become so kind and connected?

How did they become so open and able to see the beauty around us and even in those who’s grief and hurt have brought them to create harm to themselves or others?


If you track back through their life, you will find that these attributes in people always come from a relationship with nature. Ecopsychology has become a language for how their is no separation from the health of people and the health of the environment, or from nature within us and nature around us. For thousands of years ancient wisdom traditions have developed nature based practices that awaken these attributes in people and they have passed these practices down through the generations. Today, many of these practices, cultural elements that foster connection in the younger generations, and powerful relationships tended with nature have become lost.

Join us for this upcoming online course with Jon Young and Josh Lane for a captivating look at how these ancient practices can activate each person’s unique genius in the modern world. Through true stories of healing, animal communication and tracking, and nature connection mentoring, we will explore core nature connection routines that will reawaken your deepest gifts and the attributes that unlock your full potential and heal the blocks that hold you back from accessing your unique genius.

Today, with a lot of the alarming statistics facing us and our children, we need all the help we can get and all the tools we can find and muster to turn the tide of disconnection back towards a healthy pattern of connection. Join us today to learn how these ancient practices including bird language, basic nature connection routines, and tracking can build a powerful and restorative system of routines and processes that can help you, your family, your clients, your students, anyone who you work with as a person in service to other human beings!


SESSION 1: Stories of Awakening Our Creativity and Personal Power: Bird Language and the Quiet Mind

Jon Young, master mentor, nature connection expert and author of What the Robin Knows, offers stories and insights of deep nature connection and communication capability from the indigenous elders and wisdom traditions in which he was directly mentored. Join us as Jon delves into the core principles of nature awareness, sharing key stories, which point to the pattern language of reconnection.

Jon will explore these simple yet powerful routines, some of the most effective and ancient techniques that exist to restore the harmony of our nervous system and enable profound connection with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. Learn the basic formula for how experiencing and integrating bird language into our everyday lives works to truly activate attributes of connection and unlock our full potential. In this series of webinars, we will examine the power of bird language as a formula, a recipe for restoring our nervous system’s potential for optimized connectivity, thus unlocking a wide range of benefits.


Fire! Photo by Leslie Benson.SESSION 2: The 8 Shields of Awareness: Routines that Activate Our Unique Genius

In this second webinar, Jon Young examines deep routines that can be integrated into daily practice in order to predictably and dependably build strong, connective outcomes. By understanding our relationships with the animals, plants, weather and wind, and various aspects of the natural environment around us, we actually repattern our brain and nervous system to activate what we call the attributes of connection. Working in this way, we begin to dependably unleash happiness, vitality, the ability to listen deeply, increase empathy, helpfulness, true aliveness and gratitude for life, compassion, forgiveness and the quiet mind. Find out how to  integrate these attributes into your everyday experience in order to aid yourself in becoming a solid, nature-connected leader with the ability to bring these practices to others.

By embracing our innate, ancient instincts and longings, we can build meaningful relationships and bonds with the natural world. Jon delves deeper into the powerful formulas known to deliver effective outcomes on the nature connection journey. The integration of these routines into everyday life will benefit you whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a therapist, or are simply seeking a deeper level of connection to nature.


DancingSESSION 3: Ancient Tracking: Stories of Connection, Mentoring, and the Power of Our Senses

As most of us no longer live a subsistence lifestyle or hunt primarily for food, what relevance does tracking have to modern people? In the third webinar in our series, explore with Jon Young how the Art of Holistic Tracking can provide us much more than it may seem to offer at first glance.

Why and how does the ancient art of tracking activate the deepest parts of our connection and communication capabilities with the natural world? How does holistic tracking work to truly build connection with ourselves and with other human beings? What are the benefits of working with this formula of tracking? What are the core routines of tracking, rooted in our ancient past that we can bring into our modern lives to truly activate and optimize our potential as people?

For over 36 years, Jon has studied and worked with the ancient pattern of how indigenous people trained trackers in every generation. Some of the “secrets” of mentoring trackers lie in the way that children are traditionally raised in hunter-gatherer cultures to be completely connected to the environment through their eyes, ears, sense of smell and taste, and all their whole-body senses.

Building strong connections to the natural world in this way, allows children and adults to awaken to and understand their intuition, longings, and gut feelings, in order to strengthen their own understanding of themselves, thereby learning to trust and activate their own inner power and natural guidance system. This process of connection is the foundation of good mentoring, healing and and the power in relationship to the natural world.