Learn about deep nature connection and mentoring skills:

Lilal breasted RollerBird Language

Bird Language Helps Us Connect by Jon Young, 8 Shields Founder

Understanding a Bird’s World Through the Beak by Josh Lane

Common Birds – Anything but Boring!

Focal Species: The Northern Flicker

Bird Alarms 101 – Interpreting Cat & Dog Alarm Shapes

Embracing the Fall Season

Caitlin and Phoebe sandInner Tracking, Creativity and Leadership

Renewing Your Creative Path: Interview with Jon Young

On Connection, Leadership & Initiation: An interview with Sal Gencarelle


Blacktail Deer Buck by Josh Lane 2013Holistic Awareness & Wildlife Tracking

Intuitive Tracking: An Ancient Practice Find New Life by Josh Lane

Tracking the Summer Season

night fire AOM 2014Mentoring & Earth Skills

Lessons From the Earth by Josh Lane

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