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Animal Tracking Basics

Author: Jon Young & Tiffany Morgan. Softcover, 304 pages.

Bulk rate $13/unit; MSRP $19.95 (published by Stackpole Books).

 10 Copies $130.00


Coyotes guide

Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature 

Out of Stock – we hope to have them available again in November 2016 – email [email protected] for updates

Author: Jon Young, Ellen Haas & Evan McGown. 548 pages, softcover.

See below for variable per unit cost; MSRP $34.95

10 Copies $209.70 ($20.97/unit)

An additional 5% discount applies at 30 Copies ($19.92/unit), and for 100 Copies or more, an additional 16.6% off the 10 copy bulk rate ($17.49/unit). This pricing will be applied automatically when you order more sets of 10 copies.


Echoes of Kenya and Other Poems

Author: Ingwe (M.Norman Powell). Softcover, 57 pages.

$6.50/unit; MSRP $12.95

10 Copies $65.00


From Boys to Men of Heart by Randall Eaton  From Boys to Men of Heart

 Author: Randall Eaton, PhD. Softcover, 280 pages.

$14.97/unit; MSRP $24.95

10 Copies $149.70


Ingwe+thumb  Ingwe

Author: Ingwe (M. Norman Powell). Softcover, 80 pages.

$7.50/unit; MSRP $15.00

10 Copies $75.00


K1cover     Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery

Author: Jon Young. Softcover, 250 pages.

$20/unit; MSRP $27.95

10 Copies $200.00


K2+thumbKamana 2: The Path of the Naturalist

Author: Jon Young. Binder including separate spiral bound books.

$70.50/unit; MSRP $141.00

10 Copies $900.00 – please inquire via email


wtrk-bookWhat the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World

Author: Jon Young. Softcover, 272 pages. Published by Mariner Books, 2013 reprint edition.

Bulk order rate $12.95/unit; MSRP $14.95

24 Copies $310.80





ABL+thumb-2   Advanced Bird Language

Author: Jon Young. 8 CD set.

$39.50/unit; MSRP $79.95

10 Copies $395.00


AOM+thumb    The Art of Mentoring

Author: Jon Young.

$14/unit; MSRP $27.00

10 Copies $140.00



 Folklore & Legends of the Akamba

Folklore and Legends CD cover graphic

Author: Traditional tales of the Akamba People of Kenya, as remembered by Ingwe and narrated by Victor Wooten.

$10.50/unit; MSRP $17.95

10 Copies $105.00


Reclaiming Our Natural Connections


Author: Jon Young. 8 CD set.

$39.50/unit; MSRP $79.95

10 Copies $395.00


Seeing Through Native Eyes 2nd Edition:

A Journey of Connection

STNE2 cd box

Author: Jon Young. 8 CD set.

$39.50/unit; MSRP $79.95

10 Copies $395


Tracking Pack One


Author: Jon Young. 2 CD set.

$18.50/unit; MSRP $36.95

10 Copies $185.00




bird-dvd-new    Bird Language with Jon Young

 Contact [email protected]