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Welcome to the Shikari Tracking Guild!

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We are dedicated to gathering, testing and sharing the best educational methods and technologies available for learning holistic tracking.

The Guild gathers tracking skills from all over the world, and we’ve been testing these methods for over thirty years.

Tracking. . .

  • connects us deeply with the animals and the earth which sustains us
  • opens pathways to enhance creativity, problem-solving skills, and empathy for all of nature
  • is really fun!
  • brings us understandings from nature that we can apply in our daily lives at home, at work, and at play
  • releases stress through sensory immersion and relaxed observation

Shikari Data Collection Tool:

The Master Shikari Sequence for the Cybertracker data collection program is now  available again with the latest version of Cybertracker.

The Master Shikari Sequence is a customized data gathering sequence written by Jon Young and developed for use with the Cybertracker data collection program.A series of screens prompts the data collector to gather information about a variety of ecological topics, ranging from animal track measurements to weather patterns.

The sequence is designed to simulate the types of questions that a mentor might ask an apprentice tracker. It serves both as a learning tool and as a data collection sequence.The sequence is now re-released both for the use of researchers and all who are interested in tracking.

To get the Sequence/Application, download the latest version of CyberTracker. Install it, then use “Open Sample” on the toolbar or the menu item “File->Open Sample”. It shows up right there along with a few other samples.


Tools for Learning Tracking:

Animal Tracking Basics by Jon Young and Tiffany MorganAnimal Tracking Basics

by Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan

While most tracking guides focus on track identification, this book lays out a pathway to success in learning the essential basics of tracking on a holistic level, including the arts of trailing, observation, track aging, knowing your landscape, and much more.

Tracking Pack One with Jon YoungTracking Pack One Audio CD Set

by Jon Young

This exciting CD set explores the routines that help create effective trackers, as well as the intuitive aspects of tracking and awareness.



Tracking in the News…

The art of tracking has been carried through time by many diverse and ancient lineages around the world.In-depth tracking skills accumulate over time as each generation in a culture builds upon the ancestral knowledge and relationship with the ecology of an area.

Stories of tracking and its modern and historical applications occasionally appear in the media.

This page serves as a collection point of links to such stories.

These links lead to external web pages not associated with Shikari Tracking Guild.

“Reading the Sands” by Peter Harrigan, published in Saudi Aramco World March/April 2004. An amazing look into the historical and current skills of trackers in the central Saudi Arabian desert.

Tracking in the Cyber Age from CTA on Vimeo.

“Connecting Nature’s Dots” by Thomas Friedman, published in the New York Times, August 22, 2009. Stories of wildlife tracking in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.



Links of Interest:

Filling in the GAPS: Citizen Scientists Monitor Local Diversity An introduction from EarthZine to the NatureMapping program and how citizen science can make a difference.

Nature Mapping Biodiversity Inventory Survey Community Remote Sensing.

The NatureMapping Foundation’s Home Page

Blog – Check out the blog with Jon Young and the rest of the Shikari Tracking Guild team. Bird language is an important aspect of the holistic tracking approach.