Language Older Than Words: The Deep Connective Power of Holistic Tracking


Who left these tracks? Photo by Josh Lane

For more than thirty years, the 8 Shields leadership team has been mentoring people in the ancient arts and ways of nature connection and primitive skills.

We have discovered that the most powerful tool for awakening deep nature connection (and the spiritual well-being and natural intuitive communication that comes with connection) is through the tools and patterns held by the Shikari Tracking path.

tracking slug by uri

To touch is to know. Photo by Uri Arad

Through learning and experiencing tracking in its deepest and most ancient forms, participants will awaken and strengthen the potent and latent patterns within our human beings that date back to the very beginning of time!

Explore the Shikari Pathway & Learn:

  • The ‘recipe’ for becoming an effective observer
  • Experience the fun of solving natural mysteries
  • Awaken powerful instincts
  • Build stronger connections with the wildlife and elements of nature around you
  • Learn the ‘secrets’ of reading the landscape from the birds’ eye view down to the tiniest tracks
  • Read the layered stories through time
  • Learn to follow a trail through challenging terrain
  • Gain skills to identify the secretive beings around you through their tracks and sign

Return home with a skillset that can accompany you beyond this experience into your life, so you can continue to deepen your practice and to share with others.

group fire circle by Uri

A group gathers for a storytelling session – an ancient way of building connection. Photo by Uri Arad

Why Holistic Tracking?

The people who have been the most “natural” and “powerful” mentors in our field world-wide, are also–[not coincidentally by the way]–the ones who have followed this tracking path! This learning and expansion through this ancient recipe of nature connection awakens the attributes of connection like no other toolbox in the 8 Shields warehouse!

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for anyone who loves wildlife and wants to build a stronger connection with nature; and for anyone who wants to learn to be the most effective deep nature connection mentor they can be! Outdoor enthusiasts, trackers, people learning bird language, people who are interested in learning more about wildlife, people who are environmental educators, teachers, parents or therapists, storytellers and lifelong learners are all welcome.

This is a Family Friendly event!

There is a nature connection day program for children ages 5-12 on site. For younger kids and teens contact [email protected] for more info. Cost is $150 per child.

The Youth Program for children 5-12 makes it possible for the whole family to attend and is a critical part of the living culture of awareness. The children have an enlivened experience of what it’s like to live in a village surrounded by adults, who are playing too, and looking out for them.

The program includes sensory awareness games and exercises, earth living skills, native scout skills, arts and crafts, music and storytelling, and getting to know the natural world through “native eyes.” Children learn these skills and knowledge through artful mentoring that taps into their passions and interests.

The format is similar to a day camp running from Friday evening through Sunday. The children’s program makes it possible for parents to participate in most workshop activities; however, there are some limitations you need to be aware of. Parents must supervise their children at all meal times as well as during the early evening and bedtime. For this reason, at least one parent may not be able to participate when evening workshop sessions are scheduled.

Jon Young at flip chart by Uri

Jon Young sharing some finer points at the flip chart. Photo by Uri Arad

Teaching Staff:

Jon Young and special guests.

Date & Location:

January 22-24 2016

Arrival between 3 and 5pm Friday and closing at 4pm Sunday

Felton, California in the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains


Per Adult – $350. Cost includes all meals and camping space.

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Couple’s Discount – $650 for two adults

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Kid’s Program, Per Child – $150

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