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The Village Builder’s Toolkit:

How to Ignite Deep Nature Connection & Culture Repair in Every Neighborhood Around the World


What lies at the heart of our ability to not only survive, but thrive as a species?

We’ve had advancements in technology, information, medicine and nearly every other field of science, yet is there something more that we are missing?

Throughout the last 30 years of his extraordinary journey with nature, traditional elders from around the world, modern science and mentoring, Jon Young has discovered a “pattern language” for healthy culture and community. It’s quite literally a formula for restoring what has been missing in our lives – the parts that we are rarely aware of, but completely impact us at every level.

Jon has been building on this model and applying it only to his 1-on-1 mentoring relationship up until this point. He has occasionally shared some of this knowledge through an intensive course called “Principles of Art of Mentoring” over the years to support stakeholders in the village building process. Now, Jon is making a personal commitment to “take the lid off” the nature connection movement and ignite deep nature connection and culture repair in every neighborhood around the world. This the reason why he is publicly releasing this 8-part audio series – full of teachings and stories that have otherwise been limited to the small number of people he is able to mentor at any given time and based on what has been working today in communities worldwide.


Who the Village Builder’s Toolkit is for:

The Village Builder’s Toolkit audio series is made for those who know there is something beyond what we see around us. It is for those who are in touch with a greater vision for our world and are willing to put more emphasis on evolving and believing their life dreams and deepest longings: choosing their creative paths over the commonly accepted ways that keep us where we have been stuck in non-helpful patterns.The Village Builder’s Toolkit is for those who are seeking to weave the village model back into their lives and their children, their neighborhoods, regions and organizations. It is for those who are supporting or leading long-term ecosocial projects.


What you will get out of the Village Builder’s Toolkit:

Expect to get access to rare teachings for bringing back the hard-to-pinpoint, but much-needed aspects of cultural processes truly supporting people to thrive.

How you apply these teachings is up to you. Village Building is a long-term art. This audio series will provide a potent road map of tested patterns, processes and metrics for assessing and weaving connection patterns and healthy relationships throughout the rest of your life.


Village Builder’s Toolkit includes 8 Core Volumes:

  1. Germination: Activating the Village Builder’s Vision – Understanding the role of nature connection in conservation & the importance of the village as a model for today and all times.
  2. From Ancient Longings to New Beginnings of Hope – Understanding how connection was devalued and lost in our lives; why connections are being blocked and what’s required to removed the barriers to connection.
  3. Following the Path of Least Resistance – How to identify the first places and ways to start village building in your region; simple processes that can be applied right away and that will evolve over time.
  4. Planting Unshakable Roots of Peace – The 8 Attributes as the definition of “peace” in Peacemaking. Routines to establish and maintain well-being at the core of Village Building.
  5. Rejuvenation & Becoming a “Natural” – Giving yourself the support you need to sustain yourself over time and how to role model for others to do the same.
  6. Learn to Learn from the Masters – Celebrating success stories from existing communities and deepening understanding of operating principles. Examining case-studies and stories from around the world.
  7. Embracing the Darkness – Ancestry, History, and the Shadow of Village Building. Anticipating challenges and designing for transformational growth experience within yourself and those in your circles.
  8. Wisdom for Survival and Regeneration – Indicators and metrics of success in Village Building. Working and thinking long beyond your lifetime.


How the Village Builder’s Toolkit is delivered:

The course will come in MP3 audio format (web play and download) as well as downloadable PDF transcriptions for most modules. Upon ordering, you will receive instant access to all 8 weeks worth of audio modules via our private online course site. There will be no CD versions, but you are welcome to burn them for your own personal use. 


What the Village Builder’s Toolkit does not include:

Due to our organizational constraints, we can’t offer mentoring outside of the Village Builders 1-on-1 mentoring program with Jon Young. This audio series should be considered a self-guided journey with the option of discussion with other members of the program inside our included private group forum.


Amount of time required:

You should allot approximately 1 hr. per week in listening/reading the included materials over 8 weeks. Beyond that, there will be optional exercises that may take more time, but it will be up to you how much time you spend on them.


NEW Bonuses added to the Course:

BONUS #1 Village Builder’s Origin Story – A 50-minute audio recording on the origins of Village Building.

BONUS #2 All About Anchoring Audio Set – An exclusive 3-volume audio set on how to cultivate a network of life-long mentoring relationships for yourself and your family.

BONUS #3 Renewal of Creative Path Audio Set – An audio and 8-Part PDF guide to a powerful visioning and reflection process that will provide you with tools and clarity for living your life to it’s full potential.

BONUS #4 Inner Tracking: Wounds to Gifts Audio Set – A 2-part audio course on transforming your personal “wounds” into your greatest gifts.

BONUS #5 Bonus Village Builders Q&A Session Audio with Jon Young – Jon answers all the top questions from the Village Builder’s Tookit in this 1.5 hr. recording.

These bonuses alone would cost $150 if purchased separately! The value in terms of how they will impact your life is truly priceless… As you’ll see once you use them!


How to Order the Village Builder’s Toolkit:

The total cost of the 8-week Village Builder’s Toolkit Audio Series is only  $147! Order now & get instant access to the complete Village Builder’s Toolkit, plus all bonuses.